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AD Logistic rose of over more than 25 years of
experience by ADUMASA in foreign trade sector.

Specialized in the demanding field of Aeronautics, moved our know-how
to other areas of foreign trade, this way to offer an excellent
service to our customers, whatever their market sector is.

Headquarter in Madrid, AD Logistic has a wide network
of correspondents, thereby offering a global service quality.

AD Logistic is a flexible company, able to adapt
to the conditions and needs of our customers.

We fight for your international trade company
as to serve as strategic support in his leadership.


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Welcome to Aerospace Logistics Group 


Aerospace Logistics Group (the ALG) is a worldwide organization specializing in support services to the aerospace and aviation industry, from transportation and distribution to logistics.

In 2017, the ALG was named the Benchmark for Aviation/Aerospace Logistics Networks by the Global Institute of Logistics.

The ALG was founded by a group of international freight forwarders in January 2007 and is legally registered as an Association in Switzerland. Our members are independent companies who combine their expertise and experience to provide a seamless service, fulfilling the needs of airlines and aerospace companies worldwide. With their wealth of experience, our global membership puts the ALG in a unique position in the aviation and aerospace industry. As one of the industry’s innovators, we are proud of our understanding of the specific logistic challenges that this market presents. AD Logistic is our Spain Member.